Where Technology and Creativity Meet

A good Mac guy is hard to find. So is finding tech support that understands the needs of creatives. Info://grafix offers expertise from a background in both worlds.

From a desire to do it different

Creatives "Think Different," as Apple coined the phrase. We do our best work on the best computer platform available. But that has often led to creatives either being their own resource for technical support, or putting it in the hands of stuffed shirt PC geeks who claim to know the Mac based on a two-week training boot camp.

A veteran of the creative design industry, Principal Consultant Todd Johnson began info://grafix to provide the latest technical support and know-how to creative businesses.

When you have a problem, or need advice, or an upgrade, what you need is someone whose first nature is the Mac. Info://grafix has always been, and always will be, the Mac-first solution, so you can focus on getting your work done.

Your Needs, Our Solutions

Guru for Hire

Implementing an Apple-centric network, or keeping your current one running at peak performance, large studio or single workstation, we’ve gone above and beyond to so all of the above for every size office in between.

Design Consulting

For the initial design of your ongoing publication, website, or promotional campaign, as well as traditional contracted freelance creative services. Ongoing webmastering and social media integration services are also a go.

System Integration

Mixed networks aren't a problem! We can support your Windows machines in a mixed network, but we eat, sleep and breathe Apple. We can also work hand in hand with a Windows IT department to keep Macs and PCs playing nice.

Tailored for Your Budget

As your consultant, our primary business is to save you time and money. On the technical side, that’s done by making your computer users more efficient, and your systems more reliable. If your assets are working smoother, that’s more work you can get out of your time.

On the personnel side, info://grafix saves you money by being your Chief Information Officer for hire, your on-call Mac mechanic, or your on-demand Creative Director — without the need to grow your staff, and the additional fees and expenses that go with it; you only pay for the time you need someone. For an ongoing support agreement, or on-call urgent care, we have a pricing plan that works. Contact us and set up a get-acquainted visit at no charge.

Phone: 850.462.4543
Email: sales@infografix.net